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Helping plants and bacteria work together reduces fertiliser need

Helping to promote the natural relationship between plants and bacteria could reduce reliance on environmentally damaging fertilisers, a study has found.

University of Warwick launches Sustainability Training School

This week (5-9 June 23) the University of Warwick welcomes its first cohort of early career researchers (ECR) to its newly developed Sustainability Training School (STS). The school has been created by the university’s Institute of Global Sustainable Development (IGSD) in partnership with Eutopia, a university alliance that brings together 10 European universities, and with the support of the Enhancing Research Culture Fund.

No bees without beekeepers! How volunteers are increasing food security, as swarms proliferate across the UK

Experts from the University of Warwick say without the tireless work of beekeepers across the UK, honeybees would struggle to survive. As guardians of the hive, these dedicated individuals play an indispensable part in preserving the bee population and securing our future. 


The warning comes as people across the UK have noticed an increase in bee swarms – owing to a long, cold and wet spring – which is leading to beekeepers run out of equipment and resources to manage the problem.

Wed 31 May 2023, 14:57 | Tags: Environment

Tiny materials have huge solar energy applications

Tiny materials one hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a strand of hair could be used to improve solar cell technology. 

Increase homegrown fruit and veg and add £0.5bn to the economy say scientists – as we reel from supermarket shortages

As the UK reels from recent fruit and vegetable shortages, scientists are advising how to increase homegrown produce – benefitting the economy and the environment.

Warwick University will help Bolivia become the “energy cell of the world”

Historic agreement sees the university and Bolivia collaborate on lithium battery project and provide scholarships for Bolivian students

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