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Our impact in Medicine at Warwick

Medicine at Warwick

Saving lives, eradicating illness

At Warwick Medical School, we focus on maintaining and improving health in the UK and around the world. Honesty, integrity, openness and professionalism define us. We never stop seeking new partners who can help our patients. Working with the Wellcome Trust, we're changing medical culture and investing in new ways to combat disease. Charities, NGOs and the NHS all gain from our commitment to excellence. Our work saves lives everyday.

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What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice

Youth Mental Health Policy

Reforming services on the regional, national and international scale


The search for new treatments for severe pain and mental disorders

Cardiac Arrest Survival

Stopping heart attacks from proving fatal and improving aftercare

Reducing Salt Intake and Saving Lives

Developing a toolkit to measure population salt intake and prevent cardiovascular disease

Tracking global foodborne bacterial diseases

Using bacterial genomes to trace disease outbreaks

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Addressing unmet needs of patients and enhancing advocacy

Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales

Impact on Mental Health Policy and Practice

Trauma and Orthopaedics

Changing clinical practice in trauma and orthopaedic surgery

Understanding and Valuing Patient and Public Perspectives

Patient and Public involvement (PPI)

Digital Primary Care and Urgent Care in the NHS and internationally

Solutions to primary care decision support and supporting use of online consultations