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The search for new treatments for severe pain and mental disorders

There is a constant need for better treatments for neurological disorders and chronic pain. A team led by Professor David Spanswick created Neurosolutions in 2001, a company which uses the latest research into nerve cell activity to develop new treatments and treatment options. Through Neurosolutions, the team’s cutting edge research feeds directly into the pharmaceutical industry. Since its inception, the company has produced new drugs, inspired start-ups and provided vital research support.

The challenge

Millions rely on medication for the treatment of chronic pain and acute neurological disorders, yet many drugs struggle to even reach the trial stage. Preclinical development is a long and complex process, particularly for small start-ups. There is a clear demand for a company that combines cutting edge research with industry reach to understand mechanism of action of novel therapies, and develop and disseminate crucial new treatments.

Our approach

The first products created by Neurosolutions used research from three key areas:

  • Central neural control of obesity and body mass

  • Spinal cord function (comparing the operation of normal and diseased neural circuits)

  • New targets for pain treatment (both spinal and peripheral)

From bench to clinic, the research programs under taken by the University of Warwick and Neurosolutions, with their clients, are designed to provide “proof-of-concept” data; identify site, mode and mechanism of action of novel therapeutics or identify mechanisms of action of compounds with efficacy in humans. Ultimately we prepare packages to underpin human clinical trials.

Our impact

Neurosolutions has continued to grow and provide research and consultancy services to a broad range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Neurosolutions has won over £10 million in contracts since its foundation and over 100 clients have used its services, with five new start-ups developing from the data it provided. Since 2014, proof of concept, preclinical data has helped more than 70 customers. Neurosolutions has an ever-growing list of projects, working to treat obesity, epilepsy, chronic pain, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, the company continues to bring together the best of academia and industry.

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