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Transformations: Artist-Researcher Collaborations

Transformations: Artist-Researcher Collaborations

The University of Warwick (UoW) has pioneered ways to bring together the research and cultural sectors, igniting innovation and sparking new approaches. Ongoing work reveals how artist-researcher collaborations exchange and develop ideas, knowledge and practice in ways that are mutually transformative and full of possibility.

Warwick’s long-term relationship with Coventry Biennial has been extended by Professor Graeme Macdonald’s collaboration with artist Paul Lemmon for Coventry Biennial 2023, with the duo co-creating a climate emergency inspired artwork.

Join Graeme, Paul, and other inspiring artist-researcher teams from across the country for a day that promises to be filled with conversation and creativity.

Event Summary

This event took place on January 12th 2024. View the event session videos below.

Thank you to all those that participated and attended, it was a great day with a lot of interesting conversations, questions and insights into all the different ways that artist-researcher collaborations can take place and create transformations in research development, artistic practice, engagement, impact and relationships.

The Programme

Through a series of 'In Conversation' discussions, the day's hosts helped the audience to explore the various transformative impacts of artist-researcher collaborative projects from within and beyond the University of Warwick.

The was hosted by Jackie HodgsonLink opens in a new window (UoW), Helen WheatleyLink opens in a new window (UoW), Ryan HughesLink opens in a new window (Coventry Biennial) and Jon CoaffeeLink opens in a new window (UoW).

Ryan is the Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer of Coventry Biennial and has worked with Jackie during CB2021Link opens in a new window, whilst Jackie was one of the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor's for Research at UoW. During ongoing discussions to continue and grow the relationship, Helen Wheatley, part of the Warwick Institute of EngagementLink opens in a new window and the new incoming Director, joined the partnership and also become a Board Member for Coventry Biennial. Both Helen and Jackie are experienced in collaborations with the arts and cultural sector via their own work and projects. Jon Coaffee has recently taken one of the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor for Research positions at UoW.

10:20 - Welcome

Welcome to the event by Jackie, Helen and Ryan.

First Conversation

In Conversation with 'Graeme Macdonald (UoW) and Paul Lemmon' (Coventry Biennial Artist). Collaborators on a flagship exhibition for Coventry Biennial 2023.

Second Conversation

In Conversation with the 'Acting on Climate' Project Team represented by Charlotte Hale-Smith (Flux Education) with Rachel Turner-King (UoW), Bobby SmithLink opens in a new window (UoW).

11.30 - 11:45 - BREAK

Networking break with refreshments.

Third Conversation

In Conversation with the 'Seascapes' Whitburn Residence/Sound Dig Project Team Suzy O’Hara (University of Sunderland) with Caroline Mitchell (University of Sunderland) and Shelly Knotts (Artist).

12.15 - 13.15 - LUNCH

Pescatarian Buffet Lunch provided by Coventry's Baxter BaristaLink opens in a new window.

Welcome Back

Welcome Back by Jon.

Fourth Conversation

In Conversation with the 'Policing, Culture and Community' Project Team Jackie Hodgson and Rachel Lewis (UoW), Amahra Spence (Writer) Jen Davis (Director and Dramaturg).

Fifth Conversation

In Conversation with the 'Arts Creativity in Biology Engagement' Project Team Kevin Moffat (UoW)

14:20 – 14:35 - BREAK

A quick comfort break.

Sixth Conversation

In Conversation with Liverpool Biennial’s Elini Theodoropoulou (University of Liverpool) and Melanie Manchot (artist) who created the ‘STEPHEN’ video project whilst working with local stakeholders providing addiction recovery services.

15:05 - 15:15 - Wrap Up

By Jackie, Helen and Ryan.

15:15 - 16:00 - Networking

With refreshments and homemade cookies.

Video sessions

Session 1 - Introduction & In Conversation With Graeme & Paul

Session 2 - In Conversation Charlotte Hale Smith

Session 3 - In Conversation with Seascapes Project Team

Session 4 - In Conversation With Policing, Culture & Community Team

Session 5 - In Conversation With Kevin Moffat

Session 6 - In Conversation with Liverpool Biennial & Closing Thoughts