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Workshops & Talks

Upcoming Talks

As well as our two main annual events take place during the year, namely the Behavioural Science Summit and the Behavioural Science Networking Night, the WBIT organizes events and projects aiming to promote and apply Behavioural Science both inside and outside Warwick University.

Events include talks about various topics (sustainability, wellbeing, and happiness, among others) by prominent names in academics, presenting their studies. We have regular sessions with experts from the private sector sharing their insights on how to apply behavioural science in the real world, along with tips on how to get into this competitive industry.

Research projects conducted by WBIT aim to investigate people’s behaviour and to induce behavioural changes by applying insights from Behavioural Science. WBIT’s projects are characterized by a collaborative approach that makes these accessible to everyone, including students new to research

Upcoming Workshops