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Welcome to the Connecting Cultures GRP

  • What is culture?
  • How do cultures connect?
  • How have those connections shaped our world?
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As technology shrinks the space around us, turning the global into the local, there is arguably more need than ever for scholars to contribute to greater understanding between cultures. The theme "Connecting Cultures" brings together the interests of leading scholars from across Warwick, coupling existing and emerging interests with a strong commitment to training the next generation of researchers via their involvement in the research activities that the GRP supports. Key Warwick research in this area focuses on memory, intercultural studies, translation and language politics, urban futures, human rights and global humanities. The GRP aims to contribute at both a theoretical and an applied level to debates around what connects and what distinguishes cultures.
In these pages you can find out about upcoming and past events, the people involved in the project, the Connecting Cultures sub-themes, our Impact strategy and activities and potential funding opportunities.

What do we support?

  • Visiting Fellows
  • GCRF-related activities
  • Cultural events
  • Networking
  • Pump-priming activities
  • Workshops/conferences
  • Impact activities

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