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Our Activities

Below is a selection of activities we have supported. If you have any related research, or are working on a project related to our themes, join our research network today.

UKUH: Unconventional Hydrocarbons in the UK Energy System

The focus of the NERC and ESRC jointly funded Unconventional Hydrocarbons in the UK Energy System Programme is to improve the understanding of unconventional hydrocarbon development in the UK, taking a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to identifying the potential environmental, social and economic impacts.

UKERC: Geopolitical economy of energy system transformation

This project aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the global context for the UK’s transition to net-zero.

Lot-Net: Low Temperature Heat Recovery and Distribution Network Technologies
LoT-NET investigates how waste heat streams from industrial or other sources feeding into low temperature heat networks can combine with renewable energy, thermal storage and optimal heat pump technologies to meet the heating and cooling needs of buildings and industrial processes

Regional Energy Systems Operator Project

The RESO (Regional Energy System Operator) is a project funded by Innovate UK in the PFER (Profiting from the Energy Revolution) portfolio. The project aims to develop RESO models for Coventry aiming to bring both a reduction in carbon emissions from the energy system and lower costs for consumers.

Previous Energy GRP network events

Our events have included seminars, lectures and an ideas café. All designed for our researchers to share their work and find new ways to collaborate with other members.

Our energy experts in the media

Our Energy GRP members are experts in their field. Each year, they publish a range of papers, appear on our television screens and we read about them in our newspapers.