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Energy GRP Small Grants Scheme 2022/2023

Energy GRP Small Grants Scheme 2022/2023 - Open for application

Energy GRP Small Grants Scheme 2022/2023

Apply for a small grant to fund energy-related research, impact and engagement activities if your research focuses on any of the following themes


Electrical Power

We focus on how we find and use electricity - from when it is created, to how it comes into our homes and how we use it. Research on the electric grid system is a key part of this.

Energy Management

As the world’s population grows, we need more energy. We focus on ways we manage the energy we have, and how we can find alternative supplies in the future

Energy Storage

Our energy supply is not constant. We are working on ways to store energy. This also applies to sustainable sources of energy including thermal and compressed air storage.

Low Carbon Transport

We are electrifying our transport network. We work on the design and parts of electric vehicles. We are also interested in ways we can prepare for them. This includes battery technology and charging points.

Heating & Cooling

Energy storage is vital to achieve decarbonisation of power network, heating supply and transportation. Our research includes electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical energy storage technologies.

Politics & Policy

The politics of sustainably transitioning energy systems is highly complex. Politics can act as both an enabler and as a constraint upon sustainable change, whilst political decisions can often dictate which technologies are used in decarbonising the economy, who pays the costs, and who benefits.

The award in brief

  • The value of the award is up to £2,500
  • This award is open to single applicants or team of researchers.
  • Where possible, teams of researchers should include an early career researcher.
  • The project must be completed and all funds spent by the 30th of June 2023

Funded activities related to the above themes include

  • Pump-priming activities that will lead to external grant applications
  • Impact and engagement activities relating to existing research projects
  • Workshop/conference organisation
  • Visiting Fellows
  • Digital outputs

Applicants from all disciplinary areas are welcome, especially for activities that involve several people at Warwick. Collaboration and coproduction with external partners are encouraged, as well as cross-disciplinary exchange. Applications from or involving underrepresented groups are especially welcome.

What we do not fund 

We do not fund salary costs, student-led projects, individual research trips or conference attendance. For undergraduate projects, please see the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme or IATL’s project support scheme. We are unable to fund activities that are part of taught assessed work at any level.

Application form

Please return your completed application form to

Expected outputs

As part of your grant, you will be required to give a presentation on your research/project activities.

Informal enquiries

Please send informal enquiries to our Programme Administrator Norhayatie Forman :