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IFSTAL Summer School 2020

Food systems learning goes virtual for Warwick students

As part of the pioneering IFSTAL (Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning) programme, students from the University of Warwick are used to collaborating with others to change the food system. This year the challenge of changing the food system for the better has moved to a virtual environment. Adapting to the current climate, IFSTAL embarked on its first virtual summer school, starting on 23 June 2020.

IFSTAL online summer schoolTaking place over Zoom and MS Teams, the three-day event is a bracing mix of systems thinking, project work and online collaboration. The University of Warwick is one of five collaborating institutions on the programme, which aims to equip postgraduate skills from different disciplines with the skills to bring about much needed change in the food system.

Day one of the three-day event focused on systems thinking. This is followed by a communications day and, finally, a day devoted to careers and the workplace. Through the duration of the summer school, students must work on food systems projects in addition to attending online workshops, talks and lectures.

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