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Warwick Cups

Warwick Cup Slogan

Warwick Cups is an on-campus enterprise supported by many departments at the University of Warwick. We focus on implementing an on-campus reusable cups scheme, where students, staff and the wider community can borrow a Warwick Cup for free at one of the participating cafes, use it, and return it to a collection point.

Our Mission

Warwick Cup was founded by students in February 2019. From the very beginning, our mission is to reduce the environmental impacts of disposable coffee cups. Based on the 2017 report published by the Government's Environmental Audit Committee, there are around 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used in the United Kindom each year, and only around 0.25% are recycled. We believe by providing students, staff and visitors at Warwick a free reusable alternative, we can encourage everyone to move away from disposable coffee cups.

Student and Staff Involvement

Warwick Cups are managed by students with the support of the University. We are a team of around 15 students coming from different departments and year levels. If you would like to join our team and volunteer, please check the links on this page.

Current Operation

The Warwick Cups scheme is currently only operating in Curiosity Cafe near the Student Union. We are aiming to expand into other on-campus cafes in the present academic year.

Our collection points are shown below.

Collection Point Map

Cafe Oculus


Ramphal Building



Warwick Cups Logo

Contact Us

Email: uowarwickcup at gmail dot com

Warwick Cup's Official Website

Warwick Cup Facebook

Instagram: @warwickcup