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Key Note Speaker Presentation Abstracts

Nasir Rajpoot

AI for Precision Oncology

With increasing uptake of digital pathology, unprecedented amount of digitised image data is being generated in cellular pathology labs across the country and beyond. Large collections of pathology image data with linked clinical metadata offer a potential goldmine of invaluable information, ripe for deep learning of known and deep mining of novel digital histological biomarkers of cancer diagnosis, prognosis, clinical outcome and response to therapy. This talk will cover some of the major challenges faced and opportunities offered by the nascent discipline of computational pathology.


Trystan Macdonald

Healthcare AI Regulatory Science

‘Artificial intelligence is seen as a potential solution to meet the growing capacity - demand mismatch in health care both in the UK and internationally. Significant hype surrounds AI devices both in the media and scientific literature with many reported to match or exceed the performance of clinicians in clinical tasks. Increasing numbers of such devices are achieving regulatory approval and being deployed to clinical pathways in the NHS and abroad.

But how can doctors, commissioners and patients know that AI devices are safe and meet their needs? Regulatory Science describes the development of new tools, standards and approaches to assess the safety, efficacy, quality and performance of healthcare products. Dr. Trystan Macdonald, Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham will present his team’s work pushing forward the field of Regulatory Science in AI in the UK and internationally, and improving the evaluation, commissioning and monitoring of AI medical devices.'