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Events & Activities

Our Global Research Priority aims to build on four types of activities to engage, mobilise and expand the research community.

Does your research align with our themes? Are you working on a related project? Get involved and join our research network today.

Expanding knowledge

We aim to expand knowledge on productivity and the futures of work. We host guest lectures and seminars to provide new perspectives on the productivity puzzle.

Sharing knowledge and building the network

Our activities are designed to create a dialogue. We aim to do so with poster sessions, tea and scone events to spark new research ideas, an annual conference and tailored outreach and dissemination sessions.

Creating new knowledge

Student involvement is a key part of our GRP. We run an annual internship and host an annual postgraduate hackathon. We support postgraduate supervision with dissertations cross-linked across our leads' disciplines. We also run an annual video competitions and an essay competition for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • PGR Student Projects
  • Annual Competition for an Intern
  • Annual Hackathon

Influencing the future

Our GRP can support bid-writing for external funding applications, drawing upon the knowledge shared and co-created by the GRP network.

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