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The Digital City of Culture: Research Development and the Digital Ecology of Coventry 2021

21st January, 2019, Scarman, University of Warwick

12.30pm - 1pm Networking and Lunch I 1pm - 3pm Meeting

The Connecting Cultures and Sustainable Cities GRPs would like to invite colleagues from Coventry University and the University of Warwick to a meeting to discuss City of Culture focused research in development which has a digital dimension. We are aware, for example, that there are a range of projects in the pipeline that have a digital map at their centre, and want to create an opportunity to discuss whether some or all of these projects can be brought together, and whether a shared digital map of the city might be desired/created.

Key questions for the meeting
  1. What City of Culture facing projects are in the pipeline that have a digital dimension to them?

  2. What are the digital challenges/opportunities afforded by the City of Culture year?

  3. What would a jointly produced digital map of the city look like? What data would such a platform enable us to gather, what research does it allow us to showcase, and how will it be properly collaborative, jointly owned/hosted/accessed?

  4. What are the digital needs of the city around the City of Culture project and beyond - how do we ascertain what forms of digital engagement the people of Coventry want/need?

  5. Who are the key stakeholders in the digital ecosystem beyond the two universities

The event will begin with lunch and open with two speakers whose work has work has led the way in this area: Dr Charlotte Crofts, Associate Professor, University of the West of England and Dr Nerea Calvillo, Assistant Professor, University of Warwick. There will then be the opportunity to focus on our five questions in open and focused discussion fora. We hope that the session will end with some agreement on ways forward for any shared/collaborative work in this area.