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Associated Centres & Groups

We work closely with some of Warwick's research centres below. With shared goals and interests, we encourage collaboration with our members.

Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities (WISC)Link opens in a new window

WISC explores ways to gather big data on our cities and how this can be used to find solutions to global urban challenges. This will enable future cities to benefit their citizens in a way that is sustainable, efficient and safe.

Institute for Global Sustainable DevelopmentLink opens in a new window

Our mission is to foster a community of academics and industry partners. Their aim is to provide research that will trigger social, economic and environmental changes across the world.

Resilient Cities LaboratoryLink opens in a new window

ResCityLab focuses on social science-based research into future challenges facing urban areas. The twenty-first century is set to become the century of the city. We need to be able to future-proof our cities and equip them to deal with future challenges. The ability to be resilient is key.