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Raman Spectroscopy


When light is scattered from a crystal, solution or molecule, most photons are elastically scattered. The scattered photons have the same energy (frequency) and, therefore, wavelength, as the incident photons. However, a small fraction of light (approximately 1 in 107 photons) is scattered at optical frequencies different from the frequency of the incident photons. The process leading to this inelastic scatter is termed the Raman effect. Raman scattering can occur with a change in vibrational, rotational or electronic energy of the scatterer.

If the substance being studied is illuminated by monochromatic light, for example from a laser, the spectrum of the scattered light consists of a strong line (the exciting line) of the same frequency as the incident illumination together with weaker lines on either side shifted from the strong line by frequencies ranging from a few to about 3500 cm-1. The lines of energy (frequency) less than the exciting photons are called Stokes lines, those at higher energy are called anti-Stokes lines. Typically it is the Stokes lines which are recorded in a Raman spectrum. The combination of a spectrometer with a microscope allows a precise point on the surface of a sample to be selected for analysis

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