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Instrument Status

Raman/PL Microscopes

Renishaw InVia Microscopes
Renishaw Invia (514.5) [Bert]
Renishaw Invia (532) [Gonzo]
Renishaw Invia (325,442,633) [Ernie]
Horiba LabRam Microscope
Horiba LabRam HR (488 660) [Grover]

Optical Abosrption Spectrometers

FT-IR Spectrometer
Thermo iS50R [Rosie]
Thermo iN10MX [Jim]
UV-VIs Spectrometers
Perkin Elmer 1050 [Grouch]

Engineer due November 2022

Perkin Elmer 850 [Count]

Other Instruments

Edingburgh Instruments FS5 [Sweep]
Surface Profiler
OmniScan ProFilm 3D [Sooty]
Linkam Stage
THMS600 (older)
THMS600 (new)
Stage awaiting recalibration (due end of October 2022)

EPR Spectrometers

CW Spectrometers
Bruker EMX-Micro [Gordon]
Bruker EMX [George]
Pulsed Spectrometers
Bruker E580 [Big Bird]
MD-5 resonator unavailable, anticipated repair December 2022

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