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Tools and Tips


Background reading and technical notes

The Horiba academy offers tutorials on Raman Spectrscopy available here Raman academy.

Useful software and tool boxes

Both WiRE & LabSpec software packages are available on a remote desktop, Statler, which can be accessed from PCs on Campus. Availability can be found on the remote desk top page here remote desk top booking. To request access to the remote desktop please contact . CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE


Background reading and technical notes

Quantitative EPR provides a brief introduction to experimental EPR and is available as an ebook from the library

The national institue of envirometal health maintain a spin trap database that is located on their website

Useful software and tool boxes

We have prepared a parameter checking tool for CW-EPR experiments which you can download EPR Parameter Check

EasySpin is an open-source matlab toolbox for simulating and fitting a wide range of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectra. It can be downloaded for free form

Victor Chechik at the University of York has created an online interactive EPR simulator which is an excellent tool for understanding simple spectra. it can be found at

Optical Absorption

Background reading and technical notes

ThermoFisher have a selection of tutorials available in their Spectroscopy academy including FT-IR here 

PerkinElmer have an extensive archive of application notes available from including notes on characterisation of photovolteic cells and carbon nanotubes.

Useful software and tool boxes

ThermoFisher offer free access to a cloud based version of their omnic fitting and analysis software. Details of how to access it can be found it can be found on the ThermoFisher website


Spectragryph is an optical spectroscopy analysis package that can process UV-VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, and fluorescence data. It also has capability to automate processing for large data sets. The package is free for academic use and can be downloaded from

the Halas Research Group have a very useful unit converter available on their website

In an Emergency please contact the gate house on 22222 and they will coorindate the relevant services.

Useful Forms

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Risk Assessments

Recent Updates

Lab Closure

The Spectroscopy RTP Lab will be closed from the Monday 11th of September until Monday 18th of September for the essential maintenance on the lighting in the lab. There will be no access to equipment in the lab during this period, including PCs etc. please plan your experiments accordingly.

Health and Safety Update

When operating on the Raman system with a cryostat (such as a linkam) you must now display a sign alerting other lab users to which laser you are using. Signs are kept in the blue folder attached to the door of the Linkam Cupboards and two stands are in the cupboards as well.

If you have any question please contact a member of RTP Staff.