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Spectrometer Bookings

Raman/PL Microscopes

Renishaw Spectrometer Bookings

Renishaw Invia (514.5, 782) [Bert] ; Renishaw Invia (532, 830) [Gonzo]; Renishaw Invia (325,442,633) [Ernie]

Horiba LabRam Booking

Horiba LabRam HR (488, 660) [Grover]


Edinburgh Instruments FS5 bookings

Edinburgh Instruments FS5 [Sweep]

Optical Absorption

FT-IR Spectometers and Microscope Bookings

Thermo iS50R [Rosie]; Thermo iN10MX [Jim]; Perkin Elmer Spectrum GX [Elmo]

UV-VIs Spectrometer Bookings

Perkin Elmer 1050 [Grouch] Perkin Elmer 850 [Count]

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

CW and Pulsed EPR bookings

Bruker EMX [Gordon]; Bruker EMX [George]; Bruker E580 [Big Bird]

Other Equipment

Linkam Bookings

Both old and New style

White Light Source