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Careers fairs

Careers fairs are the highest profile recruitment events on campus and offer the ideal setting for you to showcase your opportunities. They consistently attract large numbers of talented students and offer you both maximum exposure and selective targeting.

The following careers fairs are organised throughout the academic year here at Warwick.

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Dates for careers fairs in the Spring and Summer terms are set once the examination period at Warwick has been confirmed — please enquire for details.

Red man speech bubble"One of the most rewarding aspects of attending career fairs is having the chance to speak to students face-to-face. What’s great is to have a chance to speak with students in person and then really understand what makes them unique from each other and stand out. We have a good relationship with Warwick University and its students and very much enjoy attending events held on campus."
Lorina Parker, Graduate Recruitment, Boots