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Warwick SkillsForge

Warwick SkillsForge supports your Professional Development Framework to:

  1. complete a Development Needs Analysis (DNA);
  2. find and book onto training courses;
  3. record and reflect on activities undertaken;
  4. record your own development activities;
  5. have a single online portal for evidencing your professional development.

Engaging with the Professional Development Framework will enable you to:

  • Learn new skills;
  • Be a more effective researcher;
  • Navigate ethical frameworks;
  • Build extensive networks;
  • Enhance your employability in a challenging job market.

Any activities not bookable via Warwick SkillsForge can be agreed in advance with your supervisor/s or Director of Graduate Studies (or equivalent), but the system and policy have been built to allow you to self-certify at this level of graduate study. For Warwick based courses or external activities that come under this remit, you will still be able to ‘add a new Development Activity’ within Warwick SkillsForge.