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Changes to Registration

In accordance with Regulation 38, PGR students begin by being registered with four years full-time (or seven years part-time) to submit a thesis for examination. Students can request changes to their registration through Student Records Online and in accordance with Regulation 36. Please note that some funders have additional conditions on registration above University Regulations.

The following processes are managed by Student Records. Where it is required, approval will be sought from the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies.

  • Temporary Withdrawal - pause registration for between 28 days to 2 years. This can be requested for personal, health or financial reasons.
  • Resumption of Study - submitted when preparing to re-join active study after a period of temporary withdrawal
  • Changing Mode of Attendance - change to/from full-time (100%) and part-time (60%) registration.
  • Extension to Registration - request additional time to complete and submit a thesis for examination within three months of the current registration end date.
  • Permanent Withdrawal - withdraw from the degree with/without leave to submit a thesis at a later date.