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Creating New Awards and Changes to Existing Awards

Annually in August departments are required to submit details of stipend and fee awards for their new students starting in the following academic year. A blank excel template is provided and includes full instructions for completion on the worksheet named “Key”.

The deadline for the 2021/22 New Awards return is 13th August 2021.

Multiple Funding Sources – Where a student has multiple awards (e.g. a top-up or match funding) please insert a separate line for each funding source.

Schemes to exclude – Departments should not include any of the following scholarships – WTMSS, Chancellors International, ESRC, AHRC M4C, CADRE or Leverhulme DTC as this information is sent separately via other areas.

New SAP codes – For students funded from training grants or match funding (A codes and E codes) please ask your PGR Funding contact for the code before submitting. If you are unsure who the relevant contact is email . Otherwise, do not hold back sending awards if you are waiting for SAPCODES to be setup, enter “not known” in the SAPCODE field, we can add the code later, it will not stop the award from being processed. There is no need to send a spread sheet to advise of the SAPCODE just detail this information in an email – thank you.

*NEW - PGT Alumni Discount Scheme

The 10% Alumni Discount Scheme introduced in 2020 is continuing for the 2021/22 cohort and the process has been changed slightly with regards to requesting these awards.

Departments are responsible for requesting the AD awards and providing a cost code for the charge. During July and early August you will be sent a list of offer holders for PGT courses in your department who are eligible to receive the AD. This will be generated from SITs and sent to the contact list held by the Admissions team – please make sure this up to date. There will be instructions included on this email stating it should be forwarded to the person in the department responsible for requesting PGR New Awards. Further information can be found on the Alumni Discounts Staff Guidance page, or please contact Nicola Attridge with any specific queries.

MSc fee top-up - E.GMSC.0001.FEE – NEW SAP CODE

For year 1 MSc students funded by UKRI training grants and University CDT’s the Doctoral College funds the difference between the home PGR fee rate and the MSc fee. Please include a separate line for the difference (£5,430) to be charged to E.GMSC.0001.FEE for these schemes only.

*NEW - PGR Overseas Fee funding

Overseas students are now eligible for UKRi grant funding for stipend and home PGR fee rate only. In response to this the University has made the decision that the difference between home and OS fees will be funded by a department fee waiver and not charged to the student.

This applies to students on UKRi, CIS (funded by Doctoral College) and ERC scholarships and the full guidance can be found here.

Where the student is fully supervised within your department (i.e. the department receives 100% of the fee income) please provide a cost code for the OS fee difference on a separate line of the spreadsheet. For students with split supervision across multiple departments please use the code E.GSOS.0001.FEE. The waiver will then be recharged to departments inline with fee income distribution based on supervisor splits at Q1. (If you are unsure of the supervisor use the E.GSOS.0001.FEE code).