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PGR Annual Leave Policy

Last reviewed 16 November 2023.

It is important that students take time out from their studies for a break in order to maintain an appropriate work/life balance. Periods of study for research degrees are calculated with an allowance for periods of annual leave during the registration period, as such taking a period of annual leave does not alter the end date of research programmes.

Research students are expected to take active steps to manage their studies, to not take more than four weeks of leave at a time, and to take due consideration to the timing and management of any periods of leave to ensure that it does not impact on their studies or upon maintaining regular contact with their supervisory team. As such, absence for periods of leave must be discussed in advance with the supervisory team. Students must also ensure that they comply with any requirements of their funding body with regard to taking leave. Annual leave should be taken in the calendar year in which it is accrued.


  1. Full-time PGR students are expected to study at their normal place of work/study for 37-40 hours per week.
  2. Full-time PGR students are entitled to take a maximum of eight weeks/40 days holiday in the year (incl. the statutory (i.e. Bank Holidays) and customary University holidays). UKRI recommends a minimum of 30 days of annual leave per year. For part-time students annual leave will be pro rata.
  3. If a student is supported by a student visa, they must refer to the Immigration Team for advice prior to requesting a leave of absence as this may affect their visa.
  4. No single period of annual leave should exceed four weeks.
  5. Departments should make their own appropriate arrangements for recording and monitoring annual leave.
  6. Departments should encourage students to make full use of this entitlement.

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