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News - Network Printing Service

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Printing Services Video Leaflets - Kiosks

Over the next week (15th December 2014) our Printing Services Video Leaflets will be presented via newly developed interactive touchscreen kiosks.

These 10" displays feature touchscreens that give you the ability to select and view video versions of our 11 most popular support queries/tutorials. This complements our already popular Helpdesk Leaflets.

Initially these kiosks will be deployed in some of our most popular and highest volume locations:

  • Library - 1st Floor
  • University House - Learning Grid 1st and 2 Floor
  • Rootes Building - Rootes Grid
  • Senate House - PG Hub



University ID Card Printing

As part of a continued drive to improve the support for all of our services a new support section for our University ID Card Printing service has been created.

This page contains general information in relation to the service as well as a list of standard service requests and an FAQ's section.

Thu 03 Jan 2013, 09:53 | Tags: University ID Card Printing