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News - Network Printing Service

Wednesday 28th July 2019 - Printing Service Outage (Evening)

On Wednesday 28th July 2019 there will be no access to printing and photocopying services provided by IT Services from 6.30PM till 9.30PM as major server upgrade work is carried out during the evening.

This includes all Staff & Student pull and push printing, including that within the Linux Managed desktop, MobilePrint, Airprint, Mail2Me (Scan to Email), Copy (including Library Visitor Cards), the webpage, SafeCom Saveometer and Autostore (Scan to Folder) and the processing of Printer Credits will also be offline.

Please note that the ITS provided CUPS will be unaffected by these planned works and will remain available for the duration of this change.

For further details of the change...

Saturday 15th December - Printing Service Outage

On 15th December there will be no access to printing and photocopying services provided by IT Services as major server upgrade work is carried out during the day.

New printer credits system released!

The new system makes it quicker and easier to check your printer credit balance, and looks a lot prettier too.

For more details or to try it out yourself.

Trial of 90 gsm paper within the Library MFDs

IT Services are in the process of trialing a new type of heavier weight paper within the Student Print Estate.

This will be focussed upon the devices located within the main Library building (all floors and including rooms 039 and 041) and is expected to come into effect from 12PM Friday 15th May.

The purpose of this trial is to asses whether the newer paper can offer a lower jam rate, higher quality of reproduction, reduced staff support overhead, balanced against an improved ability to deal with high coverage duplex mono and colour prints.

The new paper is also considerably whiter than the current choice that has been used previously.

The Library has been chosen due to it being a very high volume location with high footfall and a significant local support presence.

If this exercise is considered to be a success we will asses the operational benefits and economic implication of a longer term switch to this type of paper.

No rise in cost to our customers will occur.

As ever if you have any feedback please do feel free to send it through to the ITS Helpdesk.


Student Printing - Charges Reduced!

IT Services and warwickprint are pleased to announce that as part of our continuing drive for service improvement and as a consequence of the success of the Managed Print Service (MPS) we have been able to lower our colour student printing prices by as much as 26.32%. This follows on from a similar reduction in pricing that took place in April 2014.

Colour A4 single sided was, 20p now 15p - a reduction of 25%

Colour A4 double sided was, 38p now 28p - a reduction of 26.32%

Colour A3 single sided was, 40p now 30p - a reduction of 25%

Colour A3 double sided was, 78p now 58p - a reduction of 25.65%

These reductions came into effect at 8AM on Monday 5th January.

For details of the current pricing scheme and to purchase printer credits.

NB. We are currently in the process of updating our support guides, FAQs, video and paper leaflets and posters with these new prices so please do bare with us. Even if the price is advertiesed as higher you will only be charged using the new prices.

Printing Services Video Leaflets - Kiosks

Over the next week (15th December 2014) our Printing Services Video Leaflets will be presented via newly developed interactive touchscreen kiosks.

These 10" displays feature touchscreens that give you the ability to select and view video versions of our 11 most popular support queries/tutorials. This complements our already popular Helpdesk Leaflets.

Initially these kiosks will be deployed in some of our most popular and highest volume locations:

  • Library - 1st Floor
  • University House - Learning Grid 1st and 2 Floor
  • Rootes Building - Rootes Grid
  • Senate House - PG Hub



Mobile Print Service - Enhanced

NEW April 2014 - Mobile Print now supports printing directly from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

Mobile Print is a way to send documents to print whilst on the go and have it ready to collect when you next visit a Kyocera printer.

Kyocera printers can be found in most IT Services work areas

Student Printing - Charges Reduced

IT Services have been able to significantly reduce the price of printing (particularly colour printing) thanks to the success of our new, more efficient student printing system. The new prices, which will apply from 8am on Tuesday 22 April 2014, are as follows:


A4 1-sided: 20p (down 20%)
A4 2-sided: 38p (down 24%)
A3 1-sided: 40p (down 33%)
A3 2-sided: 78p (down 35%)


Black and White:

A4 1-sided: 5p (down 17%)
A4 2-sided: 8p (down 20%)
A3 1-sided: 9p (no change)
A3 2-sided: 16p (down 11%)


For more information, and to buy printer credits, visit

Printing unavailable: Saturday 22 March 2014

The campus printing service will be unavailable between 9am and 2pm on Saturday 22 March 2014 while IT Services carry out some essential maintenance work.

The service may be working again before 2pm, but ITS can't guarantee that it will be.

The Unix printing system will be unaffected by the work. If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Technology Upgrades and Service Updates - March 2014

The Printing Services team in ITS are busy working to improve the service that we deliver.

Areas of development at present are focused around the following:

Testing of NSI Autostore Express - Document Workflow and scan to folder solution

This is now live within our test environment and is being placed under load within ITS. Servers have been ordered for the production solution and all required licenses are in place. We expect to provide this facility to 40 Student MFDs during the summer vacation. USB keyboards are currently being installed to support meta data entry as a key component of this service.

We anticipate "Scan to H: drive" capability to be the first element of this new service to be rolled out.

For further details of the capabilities of this product.

Testing of the Collobos Presto "Airprint" technology printing solution for Apple iOS devices

This is also now live within our test environment and has been placed under load. Servers have been ordered and all required licenses are in place. We expect to deliver this solution to our student workarea customers at the beginning of the 3rd term.

We anticipate this facility will be focused around our Kyocera and HP based MFDs initially and will provide native printing support for Airprint compatible Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Student Printing - Charging model refresh

The current charging scheme is under review and will be refreshed at the start of the 3rd term to better reflect the true cost of operation now that we are providing our Student Print Service through the Managed Print Service.

Further details of the revised pricing will be widely published in due course.

Installation of upgraded colour Multifunction Devices (MFDs) within Student Workareas

Two HP 4730 MFDs are scheduled to be installed in the H447 and SS2.74 workareas within the Humanities and and Social Studies buildings respectively by close of business: 07/03/2014.

These devices will provide duplex-capable colour copying, print and scanning functionality. Both devices also offer stapling as a finishing option.

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