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I am a current student

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Top searched questions for current students. Full information is available on Arrival and beyond.

Change of personal details | Loss of immigration documents

Want to work?

It is your responsibility to check your Visa Vignette (the visa sticker in your passport), or, your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), to ensure that you understand how many hours you can work and the type of work you are permitted to do.

Visas for travelling in Europe and beyond

(Travelling to Europe; travelling to other countries)

Change in your circumstances

  • Academic Extension
  • Authorised Absence
  • Changing course
  • Changing study location (studying away from Warwick)
  • Changing immigration category/ document (passport, visa, BRP)
  • Re-sitting examination(s)
  • Re-starting a course
  • Taking a break in studies (withdrawal)

Quick access to current student forms:

Quick links

International Student Support (Opening a UK bank account; staying safe; culture shock, etc.)

I'm a graduate/alumni

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