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The good, the bad, and the science of communication

What makes a good communicator? We may think we know, but how many of us really excel when communicating? A successful career in sales and marketing led Tim Pollard (MBA, 2003) to a career-defining curiosity where he sought to understand and capture the underlying “science” behind communication.

Playing the long game

Journalist, author, higher education professional, proof-reader, and editor Annette Rubery (PhD English and Comparative Literary Studies, 1999) has spent the 30-plus years since graduating honing her editorial and marketing skillset.

Tue 02 May 2023, 11:01 | Tags: Faculty of Arts English Alumni profile Postgraduate

Leveraging confidence and identifying skills at Warwick

Driven to help people thrive and find their sense of meaning and purpose, Warwick’s Head of Careers, Anne Wilson, is also an alumna, having completed a Postgraduate Diploma Career Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education in 2013. Anne shares more about her 16-year journey at Warwick, and how she’s not finished yet.

Spotlight on PGT Alumna Kirstie Neale

Having just graduated in her MA in the History of Medicine, Kirstie reflects on the course and why she chose Warwick for postgraduate study.

Fri 01 Jul 2022, 10:10 | Tags: Faculty of Arts History Alumni profile Postgraduate

Promoting a protest

Having joined as a trainee for just three months, Dr Andrew Whitehead (MA Social History, 1989; PhD History, 2013) went on to spend 35 years with BBC News. In his last role as Editor of BBC World Service News, Andrew was responsible for programming on the BBC's most widely listened to radio network with a global weekly reach of about 100 million listeners.

Wed 29 Jun 2022, 13:20 | Tags: Faculty of Arts History Alumni profile Postgraduate

A match made at Warwick

Despite originating from opposite sides of the world, Frank and Kate Dempsey (both MBA Business Administration, 2008) met through friends while studying at WBS. Fast forward 14 years and they live in Toronto, Canada with their young family. Discover their favourite memories of Warwick, why they chose to study at WBS and what the future holds.

The 40-year-old start-up adapting to the changing world.

Kanishka Arumugam (MSc Engineering Business Management, 2015) is Co-CEO of EKKI Water Technologies, a leading family business based in Coimbatore, India who pump and transport water in an efficient and sustainable way for agriculture, building services, industrial and public utilities. Kanishka set up India’s first Wastewater Pump joint venture alliance with HOMA of Germany, a world leader in wastewater technology. Discover how the people he met at WMG influenced his career, his views on sustainable business challenges in India, and how sustainability is embedded in his company’s core values.

John Hammersley

Having worked on the world’s first driverless taxi system, John Hammersley (MPhys Mathematics and Physics, 2004) has always steered towards innovation. He’s now CEO and Co-Founder of Overleaf, a cloud-based LaTeX editor for collaborative working on scientific documents, with over nine million users and 150 university customers. Discover John’s journey from Physics at Warwick to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Fri 10 Jun 2022, 15:38 | Tags: Faculty of Science Physics Alumni profile Postgraduate

Rebecca Preedy

Through her degree, Rebecca Preedy (BA Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe, (2021), MA Ancient Visual and Material Culture of Rome, present) has been able to combine her interests in ancient history, archaeology and languages. She talks about her Warwick experience, and the parallels between the ancient and modern worlds.

Cathy Galvin

After a career in journalism where she launched The Sunday Times Short Story Award, Cathy Galvin (MA Writing, 2015) came to Warwick to explore her interest in short stories and discovered a love of poetry. She now helps other authors through her company, Word Factory.

Nita Clarke

Former trade union activist and political advisor Nita Clarke OBE (BA History and Politics, 1974, MA Comparative Labour History, 1977) had her first experience of public speaking and activism at Warwick. Nita was awarded an OBE for her services to employee engagement and remains a prominent speaker on the subject.

Tue 19 Apr 2022, 09:25 | Tags: History Alumni profile Postgraduate Undergraduate

Dr Afiniki Akanet: Experiences of an international student, GP and writer

Dr Afiniki Akanet (MBChB Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, 2012; PGA Understanding Childhood, 2014) is a General Practitioner (GP) specialising in mental health based in Coventry. Uncover Afiniki’s journey as an international student, her devotion to improving mental health in the community and the motivations behind her love of writing.

Wed 13 Apr 2022, 05:05 | Tags: WMS Faculty of Science Alumni profile Postgraduate

Anyarat Nattheeraphong

Anyarat Nattheeraphong (PhD English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, 2013) shortlisted for the UK Alumni Awards 2022 (Social Action) in Thailand.

Spotlight on: Last Mafuba

Inspired to create change in the refugee community, Last Mafuba (BSc Psychology, 2015; LLM International Development Law and Human Rights, 2016) created the Inini Initiative. Inini provides a safe space for refugees to build relationships and find out about mental health and other support services available.

Profile - PGT alumnus William Harrop

Hear from recent PGT alumnus William Harrop (MA Global and Comparative History, 2022)

Fri 04 Feb 2022, 09:05 | Tags: Faculty of Arts History Alumni profile Postgraduate

Alumna wins Study UK Alumni Awards Jordan 2021

Congratulations to alumna, Noor Abu-Jbara (MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2019) who was a winner of the Study UK Alumni Awards Jordan 2021.

Mon 31 Jan 2022, 16:00 | Tags: WMG Alumni profile International Postgraduate

Laura Walker McDonald

Laura Walker McDonald (LLM International Development Law and Human Rights, 2006) has dedicated her career to helping others through her work in humanitarian and international aid. Now working for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Laura looks at how technology can have both a positive and negative impact on wellbeing across the globe.

Winter Graduation 2022: Ben Brabyn

Former Royal Marine Commando and brain tumour survivor, Ben Brabyn (MBA, 2002) congratulates our Winter 2022 graduates, and shares three simple pieces of advice for staying resilient in the face of adversity

Winter Graduation 2022: David Suarez Cuellar

'"I often regard resilience as a superpower." Congratulations to all our Winter 2022 graduates from business founder David Suarez Cuellar (MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2020).

Recruitment for new PhD pandemic research scholarships

The new doctoral students will research the best ways for global leaders to respond to pandemics at The Institute for Global Pandemic PlanningLink opens in a new window (IGPP). The Institute combines world-class expertise in Mathematical Epidemiology, Public Health, and Behavioural Science. We are now recruiting our second cohort of students to start on an exciting four-year funded PhD programme in October 2022.

Wed 12 Jan 2022, 12:01 | Tags: Opportunity Faculty of Science Postgraduate

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