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Lectures, seminars and tasks

'Germany in the Age of the Reformation' is structured in four parts:

I. Germany on the Eve of the Reformation

II. Reformation Culture

III. Social Impact

IV. Legacies





Autumn Week 1

Lecture: The political landscape of the Holy Roman Empire
(all lectures take place on Tuesdays from 2-3pm in LIB1)

Seminar: Module introduction and organization
(weekly for groups Luther, Tuesdays 4-5 in H5.45 and Schütz, Thursdays 10-11 in S1.69)


Autumn Week 2

Lecture: Socio-economic and cultural life in the late Middle Ages

Seminar: Politics and Tensions


Autumn Week 3

Lecture: The late medieval Church

Seminar: Living in late medieval Germany

Autumn Week 4

Lecture: Church challenges and critics

Seminar: Religious beliefs and practices

Autumn Week 5 

Lecture: Martin Luther - a restless monk

Seminar: Debate - late medieval reform or decline?

[Reading Week]



Autumn Week 7

Lecture: Reformation doctrines

Seminar: Luther - man & myth


Autumn Week 8

Lecture: Lutheran liturgy and rituals

Seminar: Luther's message

[short assignment due by the deadline specified on Tabula]

Autumn Week 9

Lecture: Dissemination of Reformation ideas

Seminar: Communication and media

Autumn Week 10

Lecture: Doctrinal divisions

Seminar: The Reformed

[Title / materials for extended essay to be discussed with tutor before the vacation or early in the Spring Term; there should be no 'significant' overlap with exam questions / long essay topics in any module]




Spring Week 11

Lecture-Workshop: Reformation writing - trends & resources

Seminar: Essay-writing


Spring Week 12

Lecture: Rural Reformation

Seminar: The Peasants' War

Spring Week 13

Lecture: Radical Reformation

Seminar: The Kingdom of Münster

Spring Week 14

Lecture: Urban Reformation

Seminar: Deciding on faith in sixteenth-century cities

Spring Week 15
Lecture: Gender roles

Seminar: Debate - was the Reformation 'good for women'?


[Reading Week]


Spring Week 17

Lecture: The Princes' Reformation and their Clergy

Seminar: Institutionalizing the Reformation

Spring week 18

Lecture: Conceptualizations

Seminar: Long Essay Surgery


Spring week 19

Lecture: Imperial Politics

Seminar: Charles V - a failure?



Spring Week 20

Lecture: Protestantism and other faiths

Seminar: Confessional identities


[Extended essay due at History Office by departmental deadline as specified on Tabula]


Summer Week 1

Lecture: Long-term effects
Seminar: Conclusion


Revision class: tba



Model exam paper:

Recent model exam papers for this module can be found at:

Title Page of the Twelve Articles (1525)

Title page of the Twelve Articles by the Peasants of Upper Swabia (1525)
[Library of Congress]