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Arrival and Transition

To make the start of your studies as smooth as possible, the University and Department offer a wide spectrum of general online information and personalized advice. You may have already seen the arrival webpage ( with lots of specific guidance on accommodation, enrolment and any particular needs you may have, for example, if you arrive from abroad.

Welcome Week

The single most important source of assistance is ‘Welcome Week’, scheduled to take place immediately before the start of term: Among a wide range of online activities and guidance sessions, offered by the University, Department and the Students’ Union (on its role see the section below), you will be invited to (virtually) attend a departmental Welcome event. Please make every effort to attend these events and to raise any questions you might have there.

Departmental Activities

Across Welcome Week and Week One, there will be a number of events to welcome you to the department and help you get all the information you need.

Check your emails for further information about these events, including location.

Event Details Date Time Room
Welcome to the Department of History Welcome to the Department of History! In this talk you will hear from our Head of Department and Director of PGT Studies Dr Colin Storer, other important members of staff and our careers representative. Thurs 28 Sept 2-3pm FAB3.57
Social Event A relaxed social event for new postgraduates to meet staff and peers in the department Thurs 28 Sept 3-4pm FAB3.57
Induction: Key Info First PGT lunch of the year. The PGT Director and Coordinator will talk through key dates, information and processes for the year ahead. Mon 2nd Oct 12pm FAB3.26

Wellbeing and Introduction to the Students' Union

A session on your supporting student wellbeing and the services available to you while here with us. Introduction to the SU.

Mon 2 Oct

(during HI989 lecture)

Library and MRC Induction A presentation from the History academic subject librarian introducing you to the vast resources available in the library specific to PG History students, plus an introduction to the Modern Records Centre on campus. Wed 4 Oct 10-12 Library


Term Dates


Welcome Weekend Saturday 23 September 2023 - Sunday 24 September 2023
Welcome Week
Monday 25 September 2023 - Sunday 1 October 2023
Autumn Term
Monday 2 October 2023 – Saturday 9 December 2023
Spring Term Monday 8 January 2024 – Saturday 16 March 2024
Summer Term Monday 22 April 2024 – Saturday 29 June 2024


Welcome Weekend Saturday 21 September 2024 - Sunday 22 September 2024
Welcome Week
Monday 23 September 2024 - Sunday 29 September 2024
Autumn Term
Monday 30 September 2024 – Saturday 7 December 2024
Spring Term Monday 6 January 2025 – Saturday 15 March 2025
Summer Term Monday 21 April 2025 – Saturday 28 June 2025


Welcome Weekend Saturday 20 September 2025 - Sunday 21 September 2025
Welcome Week
Monday 22 September 2025 - Sunday 28 September 2025
Autumn Term
Monday 6 October 2025 – Saturday 13 December 2025
Spring Term Monday 12 January 2026 – Saturday 21 March 2026
Summer Term Monday 27 April 2026 – Saturday 4 July 2026

*Please note that some courses may have non-standard start dates. Please refer to your offer letter for confirmation of the start date of your programme.

**International student visa holders, who are subject to restrictions on the number of hours they can work each week for immigration reasons, should be aware that the official University term dates and vacation periods relate to undergraduate courses only. Student visa holders on any other type of course, including Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research courses, should refer to http://go/immigration, or contact us using this form for further information about their rights to work in the UK. Exceeding the permitted number of working hours when studying in the UK as a student visa holder is a serious breach of the conditions of your visa.

Key Links

The History PGT Homepage gives you direct access to various useful links such as Library resources, Wellbeing Services, Research Centres and PGT Modules.




Welfare and Support

Course Regulations


Personal Development

Student Voice