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Wellbeing Enquiries

For general queries about wellbeing and support in the department, please refer to Wellbeing and Support section of the Department Handbook. More information is also available on Wellbeing Services

If you have further questions or a concern about…

Your wellbeing or your academic progress, including mitigating circumstances, speak to: 

  • Your personal tutor

If you're not sure who your personal tutor is, you can find this information on your Tabula profile.

The process of applying for mitigation on Tabula and technical difficulties with Tabula, speak to:

Any further queries about wellbeing, speak to:

  • Your personal tutor

Any further queries about personal tutoring, speak to:

  • Your personal tutor


Queries related to Academic Study

Most questions about academic study are answered in this handbook, including questions about

  • Modules
  • Ethics approval
  • Coursework
  • Marking
  • Self-Certification and Extensions


Other queries or concerns

Career opportunities and internships, speak to:

  • Senior Careers Consultant

More information is also available on the Careers page


Overall departmental or university policy, speak to:

  • Head of Department


If your concern has not been resolved or you would like to provide feedback on any aspect of your experience in the department, speak to:

  • Director of Student Experience
  • Your SSLC course representative
  • You can also provide anonymous feedback and comments on any aspect of your experience in the department by using the History Student Experience Feedback Form.


Heads of Department

Head of Department

Professor Tim Lockley

Overall responsibility for the Department, including all student discipline issues.


Deputy Head of Department (Teaching and Learning)

Dr Simon Peplow

Overall responsibility for all aspects of teaching and learning in the Department.


Deputy Head of Department (Research)

Professor Anne Gerritsen

Overall responsibility for all aspects of research in the Department.


Deputy Head of Department (Professional Development)

Professor Christoph Mick

Overall responsibility for all aspects of staff professional development in the Department.


Student Experience

Director of Student Experience and Progression

Dr Lydia Plath

Responsible for overseeing all aspects of student experience and progression; collect, review and respond to student surveys and feedback; develop and improve on strategies and programming to ensure a positive and holistic overall experience for students in the department, including overseeing department strategies to foster student social inclusion, equality and diversity; convenor of the History SSLC.


Student Engagement Co-ordinator

Dr Rosie Doyle

Responsible for the student fellowship programme.


Equality and Diversity Lead

Dr Lydia Plath

Responsible for encouraging equality and diversity across the Department.

Co-ordinator of Part-Time Degrees

Dr Aysu Dincer Hadjianastasis

Postgraduate Students

Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Mark Knights

Responsible for all postgraduate research students.


Director of Postgraduate Taught Students

Dr Colin Storer

Responsible for all MA students and the point of contact for enquiries about Masters degrees in the Department.


Administrative Staff

Departmental Administrator

Claudia Gray

Responsible for overseeing all administrative support.


Academic Administrator

Jennifer Spalding

Responsible for overseeing all academic support matters in relation to taught degrees.


Postgraduate Coordinators

Sophie Hobbs - First point of contact for all PG taught students

Kay Jones - First point of contact for all PG research students


Other Staff Contact Details

Academic Staff

Contact details for academic staff including information on their office hours, modules taught and research interests.

Teaching Staff

Contact details for teaching fellows, postdoctoral research fellows teaching modules and graduate teaching assistants.

Administrative staff

Contact details for undergraduate, postgraduate and research administrative staff



Welfare and Support

Course Regulations


Personal Development

Student Voice