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The History Society

With over 800 members, Warwick’s History Society (HistSoc) is one of the largest and best-known societies on campus renowned for its socials, ball, tour, incredibly popular sports teams and impressive academic support! Socials are a big part of their identity with termly HistSoc nights out on and off-campus. They look to support their members academically through essay workshops, module fairs, guest speakers and the newly developed mentor scheme.

Graduate Research Forum

The Graduate Research Forum meets weekly during the Autumn and Spring Terms. Whilst the GRF is primarily aimed at PhD students, some of the sessions are open to PGT students and attendance is encouraged.


IT Facilities and Training

Students are expected to be computer literate. You will need to make use of computers for word processing, access to the Library catalogue and its collection of online resources.

If you need any help accessing the website or registering with IT Services please contact the Help and Advisory desk in the Student Computer Centre, phone 73737, or by e-mail at

IT Services Free Training Courses


University Nursery

The University Nursery provides friendly and professional childcare for children of Warwick University members, including students. Details of the Nursery, including fees and opening hours, can be found on the University Nursery website. Enquiries can be sent by email to or by phone at 024 76523389 (internal extension 23389).

University Nursery


International Student Office

At Warwick, we place great emphasis on support for our international students. We work to make our campus a friendly and caring place in which our students can excel. Coming to study in a new country is a huge challenge, involving many difficulties and uncertainties, therefore at Warwick, we have a comprehensive range of counselling and support services available, for free, to all our international students.

The International Student Office is a friendly team of experienced staff, here to support all EU and overseas students during their studies at the University of Warwick. You are encouraged to contact them if you have queries or difficulties about anything during your stay.

International Student Office


Language Centre

The Language Centre supports the University's commitment to the increased provision of foreign language learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff across the University. The Language Centre is located on the ground floor of the Humanities Building and can be contacted by email at

Language Centre



Welfare and Support

Course Regulations


Personal Development

Student Voice