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PLEASE NOTE: The maximum extension a student can request is of 10 working days. Please note the 10 working days include the 5 working days granted via self-certification.


Extensions to assessed work deadlines may be granted in exceptional and/or unforeseen circumstances (such as ill-health or family bereavement).

The Department expects students to plan their time carefully. It is reasonable to expect that minor disruptions will occur during the assessment period and it is your responsibility to allow for this in your work schedule. It is also reasonable to expect that the essay and exam period will be stressful and extensions requested on these grounds will not be approved.

Extensions will not be granted for computer failure, loss of work that has not been backed up, failure to submit the correct version of an essay, issues with transport, paid work or any other reason that the department considers bad time management.

Extension requests (apart from self-certifications) require written evidence that personal difficulties and/or illness have had a detrimental impact on an individual student’s capacity to study. This evidence must be attached to the extension request when it is submitted on Tabula.

Retrospective requests for extensions will not be granted. If serious circumstances prevent you from requesting an extension ahead of time, you should meet with your personal tutor to discuss an application to the Mitigating Circumstances Committee to be taken into consideration. This must be done as soon as possible.

There are different types of extension so please read the below carefully:

Self Certification

All students are able to apply for two separate extension periods of 5 working days via the self-certification policy. These extensions will be granted without the need for evidence. Students should apply via Tabula no more than five days before the submission deadline for the assessed piece of work, or pieces if there is more than one deadline in the 5 working day period (students must specify ALL the assignments they are applying for self-certification for within the 5-day working period). Please check that your self-certification has been approved. Students may receive a message via the Self-Certification Portal on Tabula requesting further information from the Postgraduate and Research Coordinator before approval. Self-certification can be used for any piece of assessment, including dissertations.

This step-by-step guide goes through the process of applying for a self-certification. You can also see the number of self-certifications you have remaining on Tabula.

Please note that you cannot use two self-certifications on the same assignment.

Specific Extensions

You may apply for a specific extension of 5 working days if you encounter exceptional or unforeseen circumstances. Students should apply via tabula at least two working days in advance of the published assessment deadline. Unlike self-certification, supporting evidence must be provided. You are eligible to apply for a specific extension even if you have self-certifications remaining.

Instructions for requesting a specific extension can be found here: 

You will receive a response to your extension request via Tabula within 3 working days.

Exceptional Extensions

Further extensions (beyond a period of self-certification or a specific extension) may be granted only in exceptional circumstances. In these cases, you must discuss your situation with your personal tutor and/or with Disability and Wellbeing Services. In addition to the supporting evidence, you must upload an email from your personal tutor confirming you have discussed your circumstances with them. Extensions are not normally granted for more than 10 working days (which includes any period of self-certification or specific extension). 

Requests for exceptional extensions should be made via Tabula (remember to do this for each separate assessment, if you have multiple assessments due around the same time).

Instructions for requesting an exceptional extension can be found here: 

You will receive a response to your extension request via Tabula within 3 working days.

Extensions to Dissertations

Extensions for reasonable adjustments

If you have a disability or a chronic or long-term health issue (including mental health issues) you may be eligible for reasonable adjustments which will grant you flexibility in deadlines. To qualify for this you must be assessed by Disability Services. Once assessed you will not need to upload further evidence. When applying for an extension on the grounds of reasonable adjustments please note 'reasonable adjustments' in the box provided. Extensions for reasonable adjustments are granted for 5 working days.

You will receive a response to your extension request via Tabula within 3 working days.

Extensions to Dissertations

Extensions will not normally be permitted for your dissertation. If there are special circumstances which affect your ability to present your work at this time, this will need to be explained to the PGT Director well in advance of the deadline.




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