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Italian with Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian

This is an innovative four-year degree whose focus on Italian language and culture is supplemented by the study of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian. Each year you will study Italian language at an appropriate level (as with other Italian degrees, entrants are not required to have previous knowledge of Italian). You will also study Italian culture, film, history and literature: Italian Studies at Warwick is known for its range of offerings, from medieval and Renaissance thought and culture to contemporary Italy and comparative literature. Throughout your degree, you will take a quarter of your classes in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian.

Your year abroad will be either in year 2 or year 3. Normally it will be spent studying at an Italian university alongside Italian students and immersing yourself in Italian culture (Italian Studies provides around 20 possible destinations to choose from!). There you will typically also have opportunities to study a variety of other languages, including Arabic.

You can spend your year abroad either in Italy for the whole year, or you can split your time between Italy and the country of your other language.

The below course structure is indicative. Modules on offer change year on year, dependent on staff research interests and availablility.

Year One

Core Modules
  Modern Italian Language I (at Beginners' IT101-30, Intermediate or Advanced (IT107-30) level)
  One of LL159 Arabic; LL259 Chinese; LL2A5 Japanese, LL160 Russian (30 Credits)
  The History of Modern Italy (IT115-30)
Optional Modules
  Translation: Methods and Practice (LN102-30)
  Or an approved outside option.

Year Two/Three - Spent abroad

Year Two/Three

Core Modules
  Modern Italian Language ll or Modern Italian Language IIl (30 Credits)
  One of LL2A1 Arabic; LL2A2 Chinese; LL2A6 Japanese;LL2A4 Russian (30 Credits)
Optional Modules

Intermediate year options in Italian Studies (30-60 credits)

Intermediate year SMLC options (0-30 credits)

Year Four

Core Modules
  Modern Italian Language IV (IT401-30)
  Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian (30 credits)
Optional Modules

Final year options in Italian Studies (30-60 credits)

An approved outside option up to 30 credits

Course Structure

Italian with Arabic

Italian with Chinese

Italian with Japanese

Italian with Russian