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Visiting Students

Welcome to the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC)

These pages are designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure a smooth integration into the activities of the School.

Please click here to download the current handbook for Erasmus students.


There will be a meeting for all Erasmus students based in SMLC on Thursday 27th September 2018 at 14:00-15:00.(room H0.52).

Study skills

SMLC provides training and support to help you make the most of studying at the University of Warwick.
You will attend lectures/workshops that offer guidance on a range of study topics, and particularly on how to prepare the assignments you will need to write for your modules.

Full details of the programme can be found on SMLC’s Study skills Moodle where you will also find further advice on studying and on writing essays. You should visit the Moodle page as soon as possible to check when and where your Study Skills sessions are held.

Module registration and learning agreements

Learning agreements which have been signed over the summer were provisional, because some students needed them for their home university co-ordinators; modules have to be re-confirmed once you arrive in Warwick.

Registering a module on the university system (e-vision) in Warwick is NOT the way to secure a place on the module; it is only used for confirmation (and exam information etc) after you have secured a place with the module convenor; approval is needed first.

Do not register on the online university system until after you have gained approval with a staff signature for each module, on the pink form distributed at the first SMLC meeting for Erasmus students.

Module choices

You may already have consulted the university module catalogue and made some initial provisional module choices. However, this catalogue includes many modules which are not running in 2018-19 academic year; and some new modules do not yet appear on this catalogue. This page is therefore designed to provide more up-to-date information.

You are expected to take most of your modules from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, as this is your base department. If you wish to take a module from French, German, Hispanic Studies, Italian, Language Centre or SMLC, please look at the following list of modules (which is updated regularly).

Available Modules in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures 

Part-year Erasmus students: Modules and Credits  

Part-year Language Centre Handbook  

If you wish to take a language module, this should be taken from the Language Centre (i.e. a module code beginning LL); not FR, GE, HP, IT). Exceptions to this may be allowed for students from Italy doing translation, in which contact Caterina Sinibaldi ( to find out what is possible.

Please see: Language Centre modules (please contact with any queries)

Language Centre Enrolment guidance

Modules in English and Comparative Literary Studies

Students who are not based in English department have to wait until week 2, and choose English modules on Monday 8th October. The list of modules here is indicative; they may not all be available.

Modules in Linguistics

It is useful if you indicate before your arrival if you wish to study a Linguistics module, although confirmation cannot take place before the second week of term. Students interested in second year Linguistics or Sociolinguistics modules should contact Amanda Anthony (A dot Anthony dot 2 at warwick dot ac dot uk) and provide some details of relevant training/ Linguistics modules in their home institution.

Modules in History

It is useful if you indicate before your arrival if you wish to study a History module; in order to enquire about module availability you should contact the History dept about this - see list of currently available modules here:

Modules in History

Modules in other departments

If you wish to take a module (normally maximum one) from a department outside the Faculty of Arts, (e.g. Economics, PAIS, Warwick Business School, Law, IATL) you will have to contact the other department yourself to ascertain module availability.

Who to contact:

Director of Incoming Erasmus students
Evan Stewart

French Studies
Dr. Philippe Le Goff

German Studies
Dr. Christine Achinger

Italian Studies
Dr Maria Pavlova

Hispanic Studies
Dr. Rich Rabone
Room H4.19

Monitoring points

Available Modules in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Modules in English and Comparative Literary Studies

Modules in the Department of History

Language Centre Modules

Modules in Applied Linguistics