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Mathematical Sciences Building 'topped out'

Topping outThursday 1 March saw the university's Mathematical Sciences Building project officially 'topped out': an event celebrating the construction as it reaches its highest point.

To mark the occasion, representatives of each of the Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics departments decorated a central roof steel beam with an illustration of their subject. For our department, Professor Mike Paterson FRS drew his gadget for proving that the planar 3-colourability problem is NP-hard, a piece of research from the first decade of Computer Science at Warwick that is still fundamental today and being taught to our students. Professor Paterson commented:

I am delighted to have played a part in this momentous and happy event, that celebrates the many contributions of those involved in this project as well as those who have worked towards the three departments reaching this milestone. The state-of-the-art building, constructed by local people, will foster internationally leading collaborative research and teaching in our three rapidly growing subjects.

Tue 06 March 2018, 16:46 | Tags: People Highlight Faculty of Science

Dr Laurent Doyen is a new Rutherford Visiting Fellow

Dr Laurent DoyenThe Department will be welcoming Dr Laurent Doyen of CNRS and ENS Paris-Saclay as a Rutherford Visiting Fellow in 2018/19. This prestigious funding, whose aim is to attract top global talent into the UK, will allow Dr Doyen to collaborate closely with Dr Laure Daviaud, Dr Marcin Jurdzinski and Dr Ranko Lazic of DIMAP, as well as Dr Nathanael Fijalkow of the Alan Turing Institute, on cutting-edge research on fast algorithms for synthesis of safe, smart and adaptive controllers.

Professor Graham Cormode, the University of Warwick and Alan Turing Institute Liaison Director, commented:

Dr Doyen's Rutherford Visiting Fellowship will provide a major boost to building world-leading and long-lasting collaborative links among the Alan Turing Institute, the DIMAP multi-disciplinary research centre at Warwick, and LSV at ENS Paris-Saclay. The latter is an established European centre of excellence in logical aspects of computer and data sciences.

Fri 01 December 2017, 21:42 | Tags: People Grants Research Faculty of Science

Professor Nasir Rajpoot receives Wolfson Research Merit Award


Professor Nasir Rajpoot has been recognised by the Royal Society’s Wolfson Merit Award scheme, awarded to outstanding scientists to support their research careers at UK universities.

Rajpoot is the founding head of Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Lab in the Computer Science department at Warwick, where a major focus of research is on developing novel machine learning based algorithms for analysis of digitised microscopic images of cancerous tissue slides with applications to computer-assisted diagnosis, prognosis and stratification of cancer. The award will support his work on digital profiling of tumour microenvironment.

He said: “I am delighted to accept this prestigious award. My research focus is on studying cellular patterns in the tumour microenvironment in order to help us better understand tumour-immune interactions and predict cancer progression, response to therapy, and survival. This award will provide significant prestige in helping us achieve our research objectives.”

Wed 11 October 2017, 13:49

Warwick Computer Science tops Russell Group institutions in 2017 National Student Survey

NSS Logo

In the recently released 2017 National Student Survey results, Warwick Computer Science ranked 2nd of the 104 computing departments in the UK, with an overall student satisfaction rate of 96%. Among Russell Group competitor institutions (an elite group of teaching and research universities in the UK), Computer Science at Warwick is ranked 1st for overall student satisfaction.

The National Student Survey (NSS) canvasses student satisfaction across all departments at all UK universities and remains the biggest survey of student satisfaction in the UK. Students are asked to respond on topics including teaching quality, learning opportunities, academic support, and organisation and management.

Among Russell Group institutions, Computer Science at Warwick ranked top in almost all major categories*:

  • 1st for overall student satisfaction
  • 1st for teaching quality
  • 1st for learning opportunities
  • 1st for assessment and feedback
  • 1st for academic support
  • 1st for learning resources
  • 1st for learning community
  • 1st for organisation and management

Throughout this summer investment continues in new teaching and laboratory facilities, with Warwick’s new interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences building (for the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics) opening in 2018.


*These figures are based on the Russell Group institutions for which there is publishable data for the subject of Computer Science in 2017.

Tue 15 August 2017, 14:49 | Tags: Undergraduate Highlight

Combating oral cancer in Pakistan

Oral cancer is Pakistan’s most prevalent cancer, likely caused by the widespread use of smokeless tobacco, and poor oral hygiene. Researchers at the University of Warwick, led by Professor Nasir Rajpoot, in collaboration with University Hospitals Coventry, Warwickshire NHS Trust and a cancer hospital in Pakistan, are using EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account funding to develop a new and revolutionary digital pathology system to analyse image data for cancerous samples, leading to better diagnosis and treatment.

This news item first appeared in EPSRC Pioneer:

Tue 15 August 2017, 13:22 | Tags: People Research

BBSRC funding success for Till Bretschneider

Prof Till Bretschneider has been successful with a £0.5M BBSRC grant application ‘Reconstructing cell surface dynamics from lightsheet microscopy data’ and will work with a team at MRC LMB Cambridge (Dr Rob Kay) and the Warwick Medical School (Prof Andrew McAinsh and Dr Karuna Sampath) on this research from October 2017. They will develop new image-based computational modelling tools to investigate the biochemical regulation and physical forces that shape the cell membrane during cell motility and uptake of fluid. Both are important processes in embryonic development, tumour metastasis, and the immune response. The work will benefit from state of the art microscopy in Warwick’s Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform that allows to acquire time series of 3D scans of single cells at high spatial and temporal resolution.

Tue 11 July 2017, 13:37 | Tags: People Grants Research Faculty of Science

Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science 2017

Staff and Students at WPCCS 2017

This year’s Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science (WPCCS) was held on Friday 30th June.

The event brought together postgraduate researchers from Computer Science and the CDT in Urban Science and Progress, and was held for the first time in the Oculus. This year, in addition to the student talks, the event also included both staff talks and external guest speakers.

The event was a huge success, with over fifty students and staff attending to both present and learn what their colleagues are researching. Thank you to all who attended and participated, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

To find out more about WPCCS 2017 or to provide feedback, please visit

WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017 WPCCS 2017

Mon 03 July 2017, 15:17

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