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GCSE Computing Day - April 2012

Session 1 - Overview of OCR GCSE Computing and its Assessment

Slides (Powerpoint) from presentation by Sean O'Byrne, Chief Examiner OCR GSCE Computing

Session 2 - Sorts of sorts: activities, variations and resources

Presentation slides - PDF

The session made use of material adapted from Computer Science Unplugged. The Scratch examples of CS Unplugged material are available to download from the Scratch Unplugged website.

There were two handouts made available in this session - a curriculum handout (PDF) and a sorting algorithm resources handout (PDF).

Session 3 - Programming: demonstrations, assessment and resources on Greenfoot and Scratch


Scratch is available directly from MIT -

ScratchEd is a community of educators wishing to share ideas, stories, Scratch projects and other resources -

The sensor board demoed in the session is available from many online retailers - ProtoPIC, SparkFun (US)
To find find out more and download the drivers - PicoCricket

Here are some (very) basic projects shown during the session: (Coming Soon)


Line Following Game

Tilt Sensor

To find out more about the Technology Volunteers -


Greenfoot is available for download from the Greenfoot website -

Greenfoot has a teachers-only resource site called the Greenroom - Registration is required to access the resources.

The session referred to several scenarios available for Greenfoot, including:

Session 4 - On-line work: CodeAcademy and Turing Kara

Login details for access to the Vital portal have been sent to your email address used to register for the day.

Vital -

Codecademy -