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Draft Programme

Here is the current draft programme (for which many thanks to Arianna Betti and Paul Rusnock). We shall endeavour to keep start (16.00 on 15th) and end (17.00 on 18th) times fixed. It is likely that those of us staying over on the Sunday night will get together for a meal on the Sunday evening. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have queries or suggestions about the programme.

Draft Programme

Note there are three separate venues for our meetings, and that the visit to Techobuz is not just an excursion but an integral part of the meeting and includes several of our paper presentations. There is no charge for the travel to and from Techobuz.

There is a complete list of all authors and titles of papers being maintained (and so may change).

The programme committee have selected the following three papers for the 'special sessions':

Paola Cantù, 'Changes in Bolzano's Definition of Mathematics'

Stefan Roski, 'Ground and Consequence in the Beyträge'

Paul Rusnock, 'Bolzano's Beyträge at 200: a quiet revolution in logic and philosophy of mathematics'

Each of the special sessions will involve some 'respondents' to lead some prepared critical discussion and questions to the author.

And (as a compromise, instead of a 4th special session) the papers from Arianna Betti and Jan Sebestik have each been allocated a 45 minute slot to permit longer discussion.


(on behalf of the programme committee, last update 3rd April)