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Andrew Lamzed-Short

About Me

I am a third-year PhD student in the High Performance Systems Lab within the Computer Science Department, under the supervision of Prof. Gihan Mudalige. Before my PhD, I graduated from Imperial College London in 2016, having studied BEng Computing. Afterwards, I spent a few years in industry working as a software developer for an environmental compliance company before returning to education to study MSc Computer Science here at the university, graduating in 2019.


My research focuses on optimising the run-time performance of kernel-based scientific codes on massively parallel systems. Currently, I'm researching the efficacy of just-in-time compilation techniques, in addition to kernel fusion and vectorisation at different stages in the compilation pipeline.


I am currently a seminar or lab tutor for the following modules in 2021-2022:

    I have previously tutored for:


      Towards Automated Kernel Fusion for the Optimisation of Scientific Applications

      In this paper we introduce a novel transformation pass written using LLVM that performs kernel fusion. We demonstrate the correctness and performance of the pass on several example programs inspired by scientific applications of interest. The method achieves up to 4× speedup relative to unfused versions of the programs, and exact performance parity with manually fused versions. In contrast to previous work, it also requires minimal user intervention. Our approach is facilitated by a new loop fusion algorithm capable of interprocedurally fusing both skewed and unskewed loops in different kernels.

      Andrew Lamzed-Short

      High Performance Systems Lab
      Room CS2.04
      Department of Computer Science
      University of Warwick
      CV4 7AL