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Artificial Intelligence

Note: This page is no longer in use. Please visit the Artificial Intelligence and Human-Centred Computing theme page.

Overview of theme

The Artificial Intelligence research theme focuses on topics including (i) multi-agent systems, including cooperation, trust and reputation, mechanism design, social influence and game theory; (ii) reinforcement learning algorithms; (iii) machine learning and signal processing for images, video, communications, and security; (iv) AI methods for dependability problems; (v) intelligent methods for caching and queuing; (vi) stochastic models for communication networks and the smart grid; and (vii) AI techniques for connected autonomous vehicles.

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Publications and Projects

Our Publications list provides details of our published papers in books, journals and conferences.

We are involved in many diverse research projects funded by several external bodies such as Jaguar Land Rover, The Royal Society, EPSRC etc.