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Computational Biology and Bioimaging

The Computational Biology and Bioimaging Group at Warwick consists of members of the Department of Computer Science with a special interest in applications to neuroscience, biological networks, and bioimage analysis. Our common goal is to apply the variety of tools, methodologies, and concepts deriving from computer science (such as machine learning, AI, computer vision) to the understanding of biological systems and managing and aiding research by biologists.

Current work focusses on computational neuroscience (hormone control, movement control, obesity, learning, odour and face recognitions and coding issues), digital pathology, proteomics, application in medical science (neuropsychiatric diseases), and bioimage computing. We have systematically introduced new machine learning algorithms to deal with noisy data in multi-electrode array in vivo recordings. We are also involved in modelling and simulating signalling pathways in bacteria and understanding their influence in cellular function.

The group is actively involved in the Warwick Systems Biology Centre and the MOAC and Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centres. Some members of the group are based at the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology (CMCB) at Warwick and the Centre for Computational Systems Biology (CCSB) at Fudan University (China).