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Tian Ge to give a talk at the OHBM 2012 annual meeting

Tian Ge, a PhD student in COMBI working with Prof Feng, will give an oral presentation (approx. 1% acceptance rate) at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) annual meeting to be held in Beijing in June, 2012.

Abstract of his talk titled 'Increasing Power for Voxel-wise Genome-wide Association Studies' is below:

The trend in imaging genetics is to embrace the brain-wide genome-wide association paradigm for nonrandom associations. To date, however, we are unaware of any method that has found associates that survive full-brain genome-wide correction for significance. This could be due to the mass-univariate nature of most methods, and how they do not have a biologically plausible way to model the interactions between SNPs. Here we present a suite of methods to improve speed and sensitivity of voxel-wise genome-wide association analyses while accounting for local genetic interactions. We find that the combination of our methods increases statistical power and produces significant associations using ADNI structural MRI data.

Wed 07 Mar 2012, 17:47 | Tags: Announcments, Neuroscience