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Postgraduate Research

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Joining our internationally renowned research environment puts you at the heart of the scientific community, allowing you to make lasting contributions to your field and make valuable interdiscplinary connections.

We invite applications from well qualified and enthusiastic candidates to be part of our thriving academic community. Regardless of whether you are coming from the UK or overseas, we think that you will find our research environment to be intellectually stimulating and filled with opportunity.

Research Supervisor
We offer 1-year MSc Computer Science and 4-year PhD Computer Science research courses. All of our courses can be studied full-time or part-time, which means you can be confident of finding a suitable course, whether you are a current student or an industry professional with substantial experience.


Applicants are expected to have or shortly be obtaining a minimum of a BSc degree at 2:1 or equivalent, though typically successful candidates will have or be completing a relevant MEng or MSc degree.

Each of our research students is a member of a division and research group and operates under the supervision of an academic. You should explore the research interests of our academic staff and try to understand the nature of the research we support, prior to your application. To be considered for entry, you must identify a potential supervisor with relevant research interests whom you have spoken to prior to submitting your application. All postgraduate applications must be made using the University of Warwick Postgraduate Admissions System. To ensure smooth processing, please fill in all required information. There is no official deadline for applications, although there may be deadlines if you are seeking a scholarship or external funding. For this reason we encourage all applicants to submit as early as possible.


We have a number of research studentships, which are awarded on the basis of availability and merit. In addition, the Graduate School also provide a list of funded studentships as well as advice and guidance about other sources of funding.

Application Advice

We receive many more applications than we can accept, which means it is important to make your application as strong as possible. As much of your application is factual, relating to academic achievement and prior experience, it is important to make the most of the sections where you can demonstrate your suitability and committment to research. In particular, your research proposal should provide a clear vision for what you are looking to achieve during your time at Warwick.

A strong research proposal should be informed, focused and demonstrate that you have carefully considered how your research interests align with those of your proposed supervisor. To write a strong proposal you will need to research the interests of the people you would like to work with, as well as having some knowledge of the area in which you would like conduct research. Having spent time developing your proposal you always should feel free to send this to the people you would like to work with, primarily to gauge their level of interest. The best time to submit your application is when everyone involved is happy that it is as strong as possible. For general enquiries, please contact the PGR Secretary (

Professor Rob Procter