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The CONSTRUIT 2017 flipped conference ...

The CONSTRUIT! project has addressed making, thinking and learning from a particular perspective: that of making construals. The above agenda is the subject of several publications and an extended body of online resources that are being developed and disseminated through the project. To complement contributions to the CONSTRUIT 2017 conference of the traditional form, we also invite participation in a 'flipped' variant of the conference, whereby delegates examine the CONSTRUIT! resources that relate to the above agenda and contribute reviews, critiques and constructive suggestions. Participants who wish to make such contributions should consult the introduction to the online resources (see ...), which includes papers and illustrative examples relating to themes A, B and C above that have been developed in a special-purpose environment for making construals.

CONSTRUIT! is a largely practical project which has involved the development of an environment for making construals, making a range of new construals, building up the ingredients of an online course on the making of construals, and exploring and evaluating the use of construals with teachers and students. This practical work has been complemented by a range of published papers (see ... ).

For the conference CONSTRUIT 2017

Those involved directly in some way with the CONSTRUIT! Project ..

we are calling for contributions of a variety of kinds ranging from accounts of ideas for construals, partially built construals, completed OERs derived from construals, through to conventional papers or posters - or even some combination of all of these things. Also welcome will be accounts of experience and evaluation of working with construals in learning contexts. Practical work may, or may not, be carried out using the methods and environments used within CONSTRUIT!.

Those involved in the Empirical Modelling Research Group at Warwick which led to the CONSTRUIT! Project and involved hundreds of students on projects, research degrees and taught modules for over 30 years.

we welcome reports from former students or associates on their subsequent experiences related to education and computing ... the EM experience while at Warwick,

reflection on the value of that experience in subsequent careers, reflection and critique of an EM-style approach to computing related to current themes and
activities, comparisons of 'then and now' (cf current tools as found on CONSTRUIT! pages, publications from 2015/16,etc), re-workings of older models in current

Those involved in the broader worlds of education and computing who are interested in the emphasis of CONSTRUIT 2017 on using computing to support informal human ways of 'Making, Thinking and Learning'. We are planning to offer a number of workshop - both online and locally - to help people learn about the thinking behind making construals and to become more familiar with the environments and resources for this practical work.

we welcome

studies from those working in fields which are already allied to our work: for example, work in constructionism, conceptual modelling, experiential learning,
inquiry-based learning;

experiences and evaluations, by teachers or students of using our construals, or comparable modelling and simulation, in classrooms or individually;

all efforts to identify how we might best position ourselves in the education and technology worlds and how we might benefit best from other work and where we
might be able to give benefit to other work;

contributions in the form of a paper, and/or practical work, making connections and comparisons with the principles of Empirical Modelling (as described ... ).

The names of construals listed here will be live links into the online resources page that is to be the embryonic open online course on making construals: not sure how far the links should contextualise the construals, but the OOC certainly should, and it is in that context that the conversation metaphor is perhaps most appropriate. A very sketchy draft for the online resources page is here.

A: illustrative examples


what is a construal: Lift Adventure, mortgage, will-of-the-people examples

penny rolling versions 1 and 2


References to EM papers on WJ / constructionism

B: Illustrative examples



  • number reps
  • primes
  • Hailstorm puzzle


lift movement

factor snake

making change

solar system

OXO symmetries

chessboard abacus

C: Illustrative examples

noughts-and-crosses: the OXO laboratory

lift movement study

linear algebra