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The CONSTRUIT 2017 conference

"Making, Thinking and Learning in the Digital Age"

takes place in Computer Science at Warwick next week: it runs from lunchtime on Thursday 13th July until lunchtime on Sunday July 16th.

The full and near-final programme for the conference is at

Keynote speakers include:

  • Matti Tedre, who has recently written an influential paper about the roots of Computational Thinking with Peter Denning
  • Charles Crook, a former director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute at Nottingham University
  • Willard McCarty, a key figure in the field of Humanities Computing
  • Frank James, Professor of the History of Science at UCL and Head of Collections at the Royal Institution
  • Richard Windle and Mike Taylor, Health and e-Learning Media team, Nottingham University

and former Warwick Computer Science doctoral student Richard Cartwright, who established his reputation through influential work on software support for portable digital content.

Speakers will address the overall theme of the conference from several different perspectives. The conference has been organised under the auspices of the EU Erasmus+ CONSTRUIT! project ("Making Construals as a new Digital Skill for Creating Interactive Open Educational Resources"), and core contributions will be made by members of the project team. For more background, you can consult the online construal of relevant resources

which has links to a wide variety of examples ranging from simple Scratch-like programs (e.g. 'Dog' and 'Whack-a-Mole') to interactive presentations (such as "Faraday and the Computer" and "Adventures in a Lift") and detailed interactive accounts of learning experiences (e.g. "The Artiphon" and "The OXO laboratory").

The conference sessions are free and - while we have spaces - open to anyone interested (lunch and refreshments are only available to those who prebooked amd paid prior to 9th July). If you plan to attend, please enter your details via the online form at:

so that we have a full record of attendees and can monitor overall numbers.

We welcome participation from academics, students and staff, and anyone else concerned with learning, technology and its implications across all disciplines. The programme for Friday July 14th has been designed with the role of technology in developing open educational resources for school teaching in mind and FREE workshops for students aged 14 upwards are planned for Saturday July 15th. For more details of the Friday and Saturday events, see

 The unusual software and principles that motivate the CONSTRUIT 2017 conference may have special interest for the CAS community. This link, posted by Simon Humphreys at the CAS National Conference last month, is a taster:

 We look forward to seeing you at CONSTRUIT 2017.

Meurig Beynon
Steve Russ

CONSTRUIT 2017 Co-Chairs

On behalf of the CONSTRUIT! project team