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Resources and Notes

Thursday: Principles and Practices

Thu1: Joy, Russ, Beynon - slides for introductory talk

Thu2: Tedre


Thu3.1: Thompson - slides and the Seven Stone Nim construal
Thu3.2: Maidens - slides from a related talk
Thu3.3: Petsche - slides and video of the Picasso construal
Thu3.4: Kay - slides and video
Thu3.5: Czismadia, Boulton, Ireson
Thu3.6: Pope

Thu4: Cartwright

Friday: Open Educational Resources


Fri1.1: Russ

Fri1.2: Schneider - slides


Fri2.1: Beynon - The Regular Polygon Pantomime construal
Fri2.2: Burton and Low
Fri2.3: Fryazinov
Fri2.4: White
Fri2.5: The CONSTRUIT Team - the Dog, Whack-a-Mole and Making the Solar System construals


Fri3.1: Jormanainen and Toivonen - the eCraft2Learn construal
Fri3.2: Beynon and Hall - the internal combustion engine, 3d engine and abstract engine cycle construals
Fri3.3: Hudnott and Foss - the Sound Workshop construal


Fri4.1: Catlin - slides and video
Fri4.2: Csizmadia, Dorling - slides
Fri4.3: Theodosi - slides
Fri4.4: Alimisi, Zoulias, Alimisis - presented at the Friday evening Transnational Project Meeting - slides

Fri5: Windle and Taylor

Saturday: Broader Educational Context


Sat1.1: Harfield - slides

Sat1.2: Crook - slides


Sat2.1: Kluge - slides
Sat2.2: Johnson-Wilder - slides
Sat2.3: Foss - the Artiphon construal


Sat3.1: McCarty
Sat3.2: Laudun
Sat3.3: Ross - slides
Sat3.4: Eagle


Sat4.1: Kommers - slides
Sat4.2: Todd - the spread of measles simulation / the Modelling vision-related neurons construal (presented at CONSTRUIT 2017 in its original form)

Sat4.3: de Sousa - slides
Sat4.4: Salciute-Civiliene - slides

Sat5: James - slides

Saturday: The CONSTRUIT 2017 Laboratory

SatLunch: Boyatt and Hall

SatTopic1: Tomcsanyi and Winczer - the Drink Machine 3 construal


SatTopic2.1: Adzhiev

SatTopic2.2: Allcoat, Azmat, Stansfield - slides

SatTopic3: Catlin

SatLab1: Smithers - painting, info, making

SatLab2: Theodosi - the Regular Polygons construal, abstract, poster and presentation
SatLab3: Zoulias, Alimisi and Alimisis - the Trigonometric Circle construal and abstract
SatLab4: Gjelstad
SatLab5: Tarnanen - poster

SatLab6: Lancmane and Meza - slides

SatLab7: Catlin

Sunday: Looking to the Future


Sun1.1: King - slides
Sun1.2: Maad
Sun1.3: Toivonen
Sun1.4: Almujally and Joy


Sun2.1: King - slides
Sun3.2: Beynon - slides