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CONSTRUIT 2017 Topic Groups

CONSTRUIT 2017 has a dual purpose:

  • It brings together researchers from many different backgrounds to explore in some detail the role and effectiveness of making-for-learning in a range of application areas (cf. the questions posed in the Call for Contributions).
  • It is also a forum in which to assess and critically review the contribution that making construals can bring to this theme (cf. the six key claims that have been examined in the course of the CONSTRUIT! project).

Topic Groups devoted to specialist concerns and domains of application are intended to promote collaborative work towards the two goals for CONSTRUIT 2017 set out above. There are twelve of them at present, as listed on the right. Please feel free to suggest new Topic Groups (and potential co-ordinators of them).

Each group will have a range of relevant resources to include prototype construals and publications relating to the CONSTRUIT! project that is made available through the construal of the Topic Groups at the url:

The groups are distributed in time and place starting now and with members who may or may not be attending the conference. Those who are at the conference may participate in sessions to be scheduled as part of the CONSTRUIT 2017 Lab activities on Saturday July 15th. They are also encouraged to organise their own - "out of hours" i.e. not part of the daily programme] - splinter group sessions.

A specific practical goal, and focus, for each group is to prepare a paper for publication and/or construct an interesting learning artefact by the end of October. Each group has an associated Google group to act as a forum for exchange and will have one or two co-ordinators to offer guidance, suggest issues or questions to address, promote collaboration, and monitor progress. Click on the topic group title on the right to access the Google Group.