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Provisional programme

A draft schedule for the sessions can be found here.

The content needs to be more practical in focus in general. Here's a list of names of people which might motivate us to think about how the programme must be / might be enhanced:

* Hamish Todd

Ashley / Russell -- training

* Antony Harfield

Karl King
Kieran Hall / Joe Butler
Chris Hall

Simon Rawles

Beverly P Woolf

Jon Hall -- OU / Real-tie cub

Achim Jung
Kerstin / Chrystopher

John McCarthy
Celine Loibl

Jose Valente

* Soha Maad

Paul Curzon
Peter Kemp
Jane Waite
Andrew Paul Csizmadia
Sue Sentance

Gary Shearn

* Errol Thompson

Sue J-W
Janet Ainley
Lorraine Brown
Ian Jones
Dave Pratt
Jonny Griffiths
Chris Sangwin [Maths Ed at Edinburgh]

Susan Halford, Southampton

objects-to-think-with-together German research group:

Gunnar Stevens

Alexander Boden

Thomas von Rekowski

Sandhya Kode
Erkki Sutinen

Erkko Saviaro

Gerald Futschek
Valentina Dagiene [Bebras]

Phil Tutty
Steve Maggs

Clayton Lewis


CS curriculum -- see pdf from C6
Steve's Broader View of Computing

Attribute Explorer
Linear Algebra construal