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Writing a Technical Report

Slides for CS133 lecture: together with some notes from the slides.

Use the lift model as an ilustrative example as subject for writing a technical report.

Title? [1]

  • what is our report about? possibly not the first question ... to be considered
    • an account of a model that can be used to prototype software for a lift application
    • requirements capture
    • special way of prototyping using unusual principles (? "making construals")

Abstract [2]

  • jargon-free -- critique an abstract written in jargon and violating good principles of writing abstracts [see notes]


  • putting in context -- do some research [3]
  • how would we normally specify the requirement for lift software?
    • what sort of techniques and resources already exist for this?
  • what is special and distinctive?
    • how it is different
    • what are the implications
  • highlights / overview of the report content


  • general principles behind the prototyping
    • key concepts of observables / dependency / agency

illustrative examples / diagram [4] / script annotated

informal comments / hash tags / doxygen comments [5]

natural language characterisation of the when statements [6]

  • how the model is constructed
    • incremental construction demonstrated [7a]
    • unacceptable fairness behaviour: ilustrate and describe in words [7b]
    • identifying a bug [7c]
  • what is interesting about this prototyping approach? what advantages / disadvantages does it have?


  • what ae possible extensions? othertopics and applications? [8]


1. Propose a title for the report

2. Critique an abstract

Abstracts should not contain:
• References to tables or figures
• Abbreviations or acronyms unless standard
• References to literature cited
• Any conclusions that are not relevant to the essay

3. find some urls about lift simulation / software prototyping: sentence about each url

4-5-6. write a paragraph about ODA, wth illustrative examples, to include an annotated diagram and script extracts


a. Show individual when statements in action

b. Show and describe problematic behaviour where never reaches bottom floor

c. Identify a bug / engineering fault

8. extensions / future work etc

9. Evaluation of the model-building environment