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Advice re using JS-EDEN construit

  1. Use a modern browser that has support for HTML-5, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Build in a reminder (see the Appendix to the JS-EDEN introductory labsheet) to ensure that you cannot easily leave the page by accident.
  3. Use a textfile in conjunction with history to keep track of all your significant interactions in the course of the development.
  4. At each stage in the development, use the REs to display significant observables, and keep a record of these in your text source using the showObservables() feature. Use comments to record code fragments, such as alternative scripts and writeln()'s used for test purposes, that may be useful to you at a later stage.
  5. Try to remain engaged in the stream of thought - don't be in a hurry to quit the interpreter.
  6. Always reload you text source in a fresh session to test it after completing a session - it may be the case that there are minor discrepancies between your text source and the script as currently interpreted, and these are most easily resolved whilst the current situation is fresh in your mind.
  7. Make use of the Script Generator feature to record the landmark stages in your development.
  8. Explore the possible application of the State Timeline feature to support ongoing development.

Please notify us of any issues you encounter as we are hoping to improve the construit version of JS-EDEN over the course of the project. Provide simple examples to illustrate potential bugs if possible as these can prove to be useful in compiling a test suite.