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MENACE-related activities for schoolteachers

Tracing the MENACE commentary motivates a succession of activities that could be the subject of collaborative development by computing and/or mathematics teachers at the pre-university school stage.

  • Basic introduction to making construals - orientation + JS-EDEN basics
  • Programming vs making construals - construal comprehension
  • Automating the noughts-and-crosses player - reconstructing oxoGardner1999
  • Re-engineering the interface
  • Principles of MENACE - giving an account of Donald Michie's ideas - historical reconstruction
  • Representing N+C positions - ternary arithmetic, experimental environment
  • Functions from scripts - devising, testing and applying
  • Generation of positions - feasibility and efficiency: algorithmic issues
  • Symmetry - elementary group theory and permutation generation
  • Combinatorics - counting positions up to symmetry etc
  • Machine learning - experimenting with training of the automatic player